One Meal Challenge


The Task

Frytol wanted to engage users in a dialogue which would eventually unearth interesting recipes. The brand sought to build and reward loyalty, while maintaining its position in the minds of consumers as the cooking oil of choice in all culinary activities.

Having gained a lot of traction with their One Meal Challenge campaign on Social Media & Traditional Media they aimed at executing this campaign on a Below-the-line platform, in the form of a fun competition, featuring different personalities from various sections of Ghana. They believe Frytol is a generational brand and as such sought to recruit a younger audience as unknowing influencers – once they fell in love with the brand, they would have the power to pass it on to future generations. They also sought to recruit market women as a key mouthpiece since they have the power to influence purchase decisions made by their customers through recommendations. Thus, these were the two groups the challenge was thrown to.

The Execution

The Frytol One Meal Challenge was activated in the form of cook-offs – a market edition & a university edition. The market versions were held in different regions across Ghana and the finals were held in the capital city of Accra. The student version was held in Accra with two students picked from each top university in the country to represent their schools. Top Ghanaian chefs judged the competitions and cash prizes and Frytol souvenirs were awarded to winners and participants. We also produced creative artworks for this campaign for social media and produced banners for Frytol social media pages.


At the end of this campaign, we reached almost 10,000 contacts across the nation.