have a break,
have a kit kat


The Task

Under this campaign, the launch and promotion of the two finger Kit-Kat chocolate bar in the Ghana market by Nestle was to be executed. The task for Esquan was simple:

Propose and execute an internal launch of the two finger Kit Kat bar in Nestle Ghana offices to not only entertain, but relay the necessary information to the staff and get them to be brand ambassadors of the product.

Execute product sampling across Accra and Kumasi, get the public to try the product and make purchases.


The Execution

The internal launch in the different Nestle offices and their factory were exciting and engaging and received stellar reviews from staff members. Cheer girls and dancers put up an exciting dance performance and drew in staff members to dance with them. Brand ambassadors like K.O.D, Lexis Bill and Deborah Vanessa were unveiled here and gave short talks on what they do when they take breaks. There was also a brand talk with sampling. We also did market, bus and office activations and sampled 5000 people in Accra and Kumasi during the period and sold 1,500 pieces of the product in the process.