PZ Cussons

I love my Nunu


The Task

PZ Cusson’s aim for this campaign was to recruit new users and boost brand love for the Nunu Milk brand through education and engagement. They particularly wanted to hammer on the low-fat and high calcium content in Nunu milk. The target audience for this campaign was mothers since they are key decision makers in families when it comes to nutrition.

The Execution

For this activation, we targeted groups where mothers would form a majority of the membership percentage. These included church women groups, community groups and market groups. We ran activations in different churches, markets and communities and featured brand talks outlining nutritional facts about Nunu Milk and its many benefits. There was also a drama skit to simultaneously entertain and educate as well as a chef who demonstrated unique recipes using the product. Fun puzzles were set up for mothers and children alike to engage them and samples were given out for customer tasting and feedback. 5000 contacts were achieved with this activation.